What do I need to take lessons over Skype?

In order to take guitar lessons over Skype, you need to have a few necessary things first:

1. A computer, phone, or tablet with Skype installed and a webcam. Download Skype for free here.

2. A guitar.

3. A decent internet connection.

4. PayPal or major credit card.

Are you taking a One-On-One Lesson, or a Group Class?

What to do if you are taking a One-On-One Lesson-

Currently we are offering One-On-One classes on Fridays. Take a look at our calendar (our times are in PST!) and see what time works for you. Then email skypeguitarclasses@gmail.com to confirm that time is available.

What to do if you are taking a Group Class-

Currently we are offering three 45 Minute Group Classes every Friday:

1pm PST - Level 1 Beginner Class -- This class is for strait beginners, or people who have been playing for a little while, who know a few chords, and may be struggling with techniques like chord switching, strumming, and playing simpler rhythm based songs.

2pm PST - Level 2 Intermediate Class -- This class is for more intermediate players, who have been playing for a couple years, who have an expanded chords and scales vocabulary, and may be struggling with techniques like playing barre chords, switching between barre chords, soloing, bending, hammer-ons, & pull-offs.

3pm PST - Level 3 Advanced Class -- This class is for the advanced player who has been playing for multiple years, who has a strong vocabulary of chords and scales, and may be struggling with music theory, chord structure, connecting chords and scales, advanced solo phrasing, soloing in different styles (blues, jazz, rock, etc), and techniques like two hand tapping, hybrid picking, economy picking, sweep picking, or natural, artificial, and pinched harmonics.

Use our payments page to purchase access to the class, and then email Drew at skypeguitarclasses@gmail.com and confirm which class and date you are planning on attending. Also (VERY IMPORTANT) include in your email any pressing questions, or topics you'd like to see covered in the class. Drew will do his best to cover everyones questions in the class, but due to time constraints, and high class attendence, he cannot guarantee that he will be able to cover everyones questions in class.

Once you receive a confirmation email from Drew, your set for your day and time! Add skypeguitarclasses as a contact on Skype, and be ready for your lesson.

Are guitar lessons effective over Skype?

Yes. I have had many lessons over Skype and the overall experience is very similar to an actual face to face guitar lesson. I can show you close-ups of each hand and cover material that is relevant to your specific taste and goals.

What about materials and tabs?

All materials will be provided to you in digital format (.pdf's or .jpg's). Most materials will be pre-made and others will be scanned and sent to you through Skype file transfer. I do recommend printing the tabs out if possible.

How much does it cost?

Skype lessons/classes can cost anywhere from $30 a lesson to $90 depending on the length of the lesson (hour vs. half hour), whether they are One-On-One (just you and the teacher) or classes (many students are taking the lesson, but all have the ability to contribute to class and ask questions).

Are lessons at a set weekly day and time?

Yes. Bottom line; if you don't have the time to commit to one lesson per week, you don't have enough time to improve your guitar playing. I want you to improve, and from experience I can confidently say that having a class consistently once a week paired with 30 minutes to an hour of practice a day will greatly improve your guitar playing.